Foodie Journey: Eat Well.  Wherever You Go.

Have you ever had a fabulous vacation except for where you ate?  Or struggled to find a place that you liked?  Maybe you went with a Yelp recommendation or a recommendation from your hotel concierge, only to be disappointed….

We’re here to help you never waste a dining experience again!

Finding the right place to eat is more than just Googling the “best restaurant in…”  Because “best” can mean many things – is it the four and five-star restaurants?  The “hottest” restaurant?  Or the restaurant of the local celebrity chef?

We think the best restaurant is the one that fits your desires.  And we’ll do all the hard work of finding the restaurants that fit your tastes.  No more reading guidebooks, or searching through message boards for recommendations.


How Foodie Journey Works.

We’re a personalized restaurant concierge service that interviews you to understand your travel needs and interests.  Then we work with our personal network of foodies to come up with recommendations just for you.

We’re not crowd-sourcing recommendations like Yelp.  We’re not posting on message boards looking for recommendations.  We’re working with real people who we know personally to recommend restaurants they have been to.

Take a look at the types of recommendations we give our clients.

Think of us as your foodie friend to go to when you want to know where to eat.  Wherever you go.

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